Commercial Real Estate

CompleteCloud Platform is a blueprint for strategic IT.

We Deliver Productivity, Security and Scalability

The goal as a commercial real estate or property management firm is to grow, right? That’s why you need an all-inclusive IT platform that will scale with you. Whether you have 20 or 300 employees that need to access their technology from one location or from around the world, CompleteCloud offers a single source to get the job done from anywhere.   Our subscription based solution delivers security, and unparalleled productivity. 

Is CompleteCloud the Right IT Solution for Your Firm?

Here are some questions to help you answer that question.

  • Do you consider yourself a security and productivity conscious business? CompleteCloud is equipped with a full managed security suite, plus delivers mobility and collaboration to maximize employee productivity.
  • Are you seeking a smart solution that’s tailored to your needs? CompleteCloud is an intelligently engineered platform that is equipped with self-healing artificial intelligence (Ava) and informatics that drive business decisions.
  • Do you value top notch customer support? Our St. Louis-based support team is here for you 24/7 and includes projects and maintenance.
  • Longing for a predictable, affordable price point? CompleteCloud is delivered in a predictable per user per month fee, including all hardware, software, connectivity, and support.
  • Wish your tech could be a competitive advantage? With unparalleled mobility and collaboration features, our customers stop worrying about IT and instead leverage it to improve their businesses.
  • Would some peace of mind be a nice change of pace? Stop worrying about threat actors or whether or not you are compliant. Stop worrying about hardware failures and unpredictable expenses. Stop worrying about vendor finger pointing; you now have a single source for all of your IT needs.

What is included?

The CompleteCloud Platform offers a revolutionized approach to buying, accessing, and maintaining your IT environment.  Our all-inclusive platform includes:

Servers & Unlimited Storage

Business/active directory, dedicated email exchange, file and app servers, private voice PBX, and infrastructure licensing

Cloud Desktops:

Includes Microsoft Office licensing and unique specification options for varying employee needs


Fully managed and paid redundant data center internet and local site internet

Local Hardware:

Complete site hardware refresh includes firewalls, managed POE switches, wireless access points, Windows 10 thin clients, and phone handset

Managed Security:

An ever-evolving layered approach to security that meets industry compliance standards including 24/7 security operations center and Data Loss Protections (DLP) consultation

Productivity Suite:

Email archive, secure file sharing, collaboration tools, and unified communications including video conferencing, soft phone, and chat

Avatara Connect:

Anywhere access to cloud desktop, soft phone, video, chat, remote files, and SSO web apps; custom dashboard reporting at a glance

Artificial Intelligence:

Ava, our proprietary self-healing Artificial Intelligence, offers automated proactive support, pre-support engagement diagnostics, anomaly monitoring, and user productivity tips

US Based Support:

Available 24/7 IT support via phone, text, or chat; based right here at the Avatara HQ.  Local Equipment Support and no-cost replacement.

Customer Portal

Track cases, orders, and projects; change management and real-time resource manager; billing detail; customer satisfaction surveys; security risk metrics; user productivity metrics

Disaster Recovery

Site and device independent, 30 days of operational backups

Predictable Pricing Model

Supported and delivered in an all-inclusive per user per month pricing model