At our core, we are business consultants with decades of experience helping business executives find solutions in a wide spectrum of business challenges.  Today, technology can either create the greatest opportunities for success or introduce unnecessary risk that can cripple any organization.  We have partnered with Avatara to deliver the most advanced technology solution for businesses that have 30 – 300 technology users.  We manage every aspect of your technology infrastructure with as a single source, subscription-based solution.

Let us explain how our CompleteCloud platform can help you unleash those opportunities while protecting your company from the dangers that come with an outdated strategy. Our Cincinnati, Office focuses on companies in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio.


Founded in 2005 in St. Louis, MO, Avatara has quickly grown into a premier source for IT solutions across the country. Today, we’ve taken the spot as a top cloud computing company and managed service provider thanks to our flagship product, the CompleteCloud Platform.

Avatara’s team has been bonded together for nearly 30 years. Beginning as real-time financial support specialists, we’ve excelled as a B2B managed service provider. Since then, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of any industry that values a productive, secure, and hands-off IT environment. Some of our biggest fans today work within the engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, aerospace, distribution, and architecture sectors.

At Avatara, we believe the philosophy of exceptional care at an affordable price. Today, this is the core principle of everything we do. Our team provides customers with the opportunity to refresh their technology, increase capability, and improve their competitive situation with NO capital cost.